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I am proud to present to you our little-big team called Elegy born on 28th December 2015.
Elegy is born by an idea of       @Lucario     and Techno, the duo made that a beautiful place.
At start, we play just pursuit. But with the incoming of new members we decide to divide our team in different squads:
  • Pursuit (and Fun) Squad
With the leadership of the founder(s) of Elegy, with the mission of the fun.
  • Tech Squad
Thanks to     @Akti ...   for his collaboration with us! He admins all the tech part, and it will be a really big and important part of Elegy.
  • ID Squad
We already didn't thinked about another squad, need to do a poll! 

We accept duo-teams and mascottes (members without tags but without powers of a normal member).
We accept just online members (and if possible good players):
Quote14 days of inactivity* = KICK
*=On forum and in-game too. If you have got troubles, please say before you are going offline (example: holidays).
Btw, that's all. bb.

Leader of Elegy
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